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KeepWell Foods is very excited to bring our unique beverage to the marketplace. We look forward to sharing our success with you and invite you to bookmark this page and check back with us periodically to see our progress.

Laguna Beach company creates health drink | peterson, company

Oct 27, 2010 The four flavors of KeepWell Foods‘ nutrition drink should be in supermarket coolers within two months, said Thilde Peterson, executive vice



August 7, 2010

KeepWell Foods was honored and extremely excited to be invited to the lululemon athletica store in Newport Beach, Calif. on Saturday, August 7 for its Salutation Nation—a complimentary outdoor all-levels yoga class in celebration of communities across the country. Over 25,000 people came together across North America to practice yoga simultaneously.

Rhonda Williams and Dayna Woolsey from our team were thrilled to meet with the yoga participants after the event, helping them refuel with KeepWell as we engaged in conversation with them about the drink. It was so encouraging to see how well-received KeepWell was and how well it complements the yoga lifestyle for busy women and men.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the drink and appreciated the ingredients, as well as the delicious flavors! The entire team at lulumeon athletic was absolutely amazing to work with—especially Rita James, who we hope to work with again on future events. Thank you to lululemon athletica for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful experience and converse with new KeepWell fans!


July 24, 2010

KeepWell Foods LLC was thrilled to debut our first KeepWell beverage samples at the Cypress 5K/10K. Our team would like to send a big thank you to those that stopped by the booth to try our nutritious beverage.

The event had a great turnout and we gave out all 1200 sample bottles of KeepWell to both participants and observers. People loved it! If you attended the run, please be sure to bring the hang tag from the product samples to your local grocer so they can order and carry the drink. Don’t forget to stay connected to KeepWell through our website, Facebook and Twitter for future events and product sampling.

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