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Who Is This Drink For?

Anyone too busy to stop and eat a complete meal or needs a “grab & go” snack that isn’t from the drive-through.

KeepWell is perfect for you. With convenient single-serve bottles, it is easy to get the nutrition you need, anytime, anywhere. Using a new form of whey protein, KeepWell provides the essential amino acids (the building blocks for muscle, bones and organs) and complex carbohydrates. KeepWell is a great solution for those times when you’ve skipped breakfast, need a snack or don’t have time for a complete meal.

Anyone trying to eat 25-35 grams of fiber per day


Good for you!  But we know that trying to get 25-35 grams of fiber in a fast food world is not easy. Perhaps you are looking for better digestive health? Fiber is the answer and KeepWell’s got it. Our water soluble fiber is an excellent source of fiber. Fiber has been shown to assist with mineral absorption and to help maintain good digestive health.

Anyone looking for antioxidants


We’ve got you covered. KeepWell beverages contain Acerola, a bright red superfruit that gives the pink blush to our drink. A powerful antioxidant, Acerola helps protect your cells from stress.


Anyone who likes guilt-free snacks


The complex carbohydrates found in KeepWell are sweetly satisfying but do not contain high fructose corn syrup, or highly processed sugar. Blue agave nectar is a naturally sweet fructose from the Blue Agave plant in Mexico. Blue Agave contains healthy compounds called inulins that may benefit your digestive health.

Anyone Who Wants to Eat Healthy, Delicious Food

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